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Social media took over our life in last 10 years. If this universal truth is valid for everyday regular users of Facebook, it’s 10 times truer for our team of experts. Highly experienced digital marketers with serious professional background gained in top Bulgarian digital marketing agencies are in the core of Converso Digital. Tired of bureaucracy and heavy organizational structures we decided to put together all our knowledge, strength and creativity and to build an organization of our own. Where creativity can flourish and performance is everything. An agency where clients are not penalties by higher fees because they want to spend more or even worst – to get unpleasant surprise with unexpected hidden fees added to the monthly bill. Here, we believe in transparency. Therefore, all of our services have a clear and easy to understand price. No gibberish and no post factum explanations. What you pay is what you will get. As simple as that.


Passion not only drives you to enjoy your work, but helps in overcoming obstacles in the workplace as well. Anytime you hit a bump in the road or begin to doubt your abilities, remember the positive effects of the work you are doing.


Quality work is the service/task one completes successfully within the estimated time, with the end output satisfying the expectations of everyone involved, including oneself.


Problem-solving skills: creativity, critical thinking, and analytical skills.

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