Affiliate Marketing

How we understand affiliate marketing?

It’s all about trust. This is the only way to build a lasting win-win relationship. We truly believe that the online advertising is a game changer when comes to the acquisition of new customers. And the shortest and most reliable way is affiliate marketing. Why is that?

Affiliate marketing is a type of online advertising that can be measured and evaluated and affiliates or partners are paid based on performance. In other words, we invest our time, knowledge and money to drive sales to your business. In return you pay us percent of the generated revenue. It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

In its essence this business model is simple and fair. However, from technical point of view it requires curtain level of integration between our online efforts and your business data base mandatory for performance tracking. Therefore, this model is not applicable to every business. Generally, we offer 3 types of measuring and tracking the results: CPL or Lead generation, CPA or Cost Per Action and Revenue share. Let’s explain each type in more detail.

CPL or Cost Per Lead is the amount we pay to acquire a hot lead for your business. Here we do all to work to turn a social media wanderer into highly engaged ready-to-buy prospect who is eager for your sales calls. This model is very powerful because of its vast application with variety of business: from insurance companies and car dealers to dental and medical clinics. The cost per lead depends on the business. For example, a lead for dentist appointment is considerable cheaper than a lead for luxurious car.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action/Acquisition. In this case we drive traffic to your business online or physical business (some limitations apply for physical businesses) and every time a prospect completes desirable action (for example, purchase) we get paid a fixed amount of money, which is initially agreed upon. Thus, you are paying us only for acquisition or completed action. This type of arrangement places all the risk at us but we know how to get the job done.

Revenue share – this is more or less self-explanatory but let’s cover it anyway. With this model we generate traffic for your business. Part of this traffic converts and generates sales for your business. From the total revenue generated from our efforts you pay us percent. This model requires mutual trust and transparency during the process and very clearly set prices of end product/service that we will be promoting. This model is great for selling all kind of gadgets. For example, you are selling flashlights. An end price of a single unit is 50$. The total amount of generated sales by us is 10, which makes 500$ total revenue. Our initially agreed revenue share is 30% or 150$. Thus, you end up making 350$ revenue without any risk or effort.

If you are interested of establishing affiliate partnership with, please contact us and we will help you decide which model fits best your business.